2011 Hampton Blackbeard Festival Part 3

Sunday morning began with all the pirates looking outside at the pouring rain.  It was well on in the morning before we were given word that the festival would not be called because of the rain and that it should clear up just before we all started performances. So, this gave everyone a leisurely breakfast schedule. I enjoyed breakfast with a number of people including Roger, who you’ll see later on, Keith and Cindy and the Brigands.  And then we enjoyed a cup of coffee with the Bawdy Buccaneers.  Captain Willoughby Caught walked up as we were all chatting and gave me a preview of a couple lines of a song she is writing for me which sounds just fantastic!!! I’ve also gotten a look at the lyrics since then and I am SOOOOO excited!!! But, I digress…

We then held our own impromptu Sunday service. It began with the Bawdy Buccaneers beer-soaked version of the Lord’s Prayer and then A Grazing Mace.

Here’s a clip that I had recorded when we were roving and they had been asked to sing it…. Want the whole thing? Buy their CD .

We then followed that up with the proper version of the song Amazing Grace.  I recorded an audio clip of that and we sounded darn good if you ask me!

I also got my quote of the event from Cindy during this breakfast sing-along and it was “I wish you guys lived closer, I want to play with whipped cream!” I could explain, but some quotes should just be left alone to give you something to think about.

By the way, my side note on meeting the Bawdy Buccaneers. They are probably too much fun for two people to be allowed to be. I don’t think I ever caught them not smiling or making someone laugh. Just awesome folks who are a joy to be near. If you’re around them and you’re not smiling, there’s something really, really wrong with you! I really was honored to meet them and spend time with them this weekend. When are you guys heading to Florida?????

Then it was back to work. We were a little early for our first set and that gave us a chance to watch Jocelyn Bumwell, who is quite the animated storyteller.  But in addition to telling stories, she and Roger also picked up their Bodhrans and played some beautiful rhythms for us.

While I was mostly behaved this weekend, I did have one weakness – Oreos!  My Sunday lunch bag had Oreos in it. And I spent a little while teaching Hamish that Oreos are, in fact, a food group! Here we are discussing the importance of Oreos and then doing an Oreo toast before turning our teeth black with cookie goodness!

Did I mention how proud his father, Callenish, was that I was teaching him that Oreos are a food group?  I’m not sure exactly how to translate the eye roll and headshake that I got.

Let me take another side tangent here and talk about the festival lunches. For those who were in reenacting crews there were bag lunches that they had ready for everyone at lunchtime. This was brilliant. I have been to a number of festivals in which if you are not waiting at the right place when lunch is called, you may or may not have any food waiting. Instead, they had a system set up where there were lunches, pre-bagged, waiting for you with your crew. Whether you were ready to eat on time, or you were booked and were not going to get to lunch until 3pm, it was still there waiting for you. Brilliant! Just brilliant!

Now I’m going to relate to you my biggest moment of fear during the festival. It happened in the final performance of our kids history show. We had a number of pirates that watched our performance multiple times. They wanted to get involved in the rope-hauling segment of the show. So after the kids did their version, Joe agreed to allow a couple of the adults to do it, just for the laugh. Somehow that couple of adults quickly expanded to more than a half dozen. It took me nearly 2 minutes to get up the guts to sing the verse and say the word ‘Joe’ that would lead to them pulling him. I truly envisioned the slipknot cutting him in half. He was smart enough to wrap the rope around his arm to keep that from happening.

That said, when the half dozen or so adults hauled on the rope he literally went airborne. Being quick on his toes, he was able to land on his hand and the tips of his boots, balancing over those that fell because they were putting so much force in the pulling the rope. Joe was able to get up and dust himself off and live through the ordeal, however my heart will not be able to handle that ever happening again as I envisioned a disembowelment. I know there are pictures of this, but they were not taken by me, so perhaps they will show up down the road….

At 4:30 everyone collected at the Main Stage for a sing-along. Thanks to Caribbean Pearl and 1stMateMatt for these pics

Once again, it was a fantastic combination of people all playing together. The Brigands, Bawdy Buccaneers, Capt Willoughby, Joe & I and members of the Clan MacCool, C Shells and other groups I can’t remember off hand all playing and singing together. What a wonderful experience!

This is when I got my favorite picture of the weekend, with The Brigands. I always love being surrounded by a group of good looking and talented gents! And Marley kissed me on the cheek and had his hand on my knee. Excuse me as I swoon 🙂

I also got cute pics with them and Willoughby and Keith.

The evening wound down with about 15 of us going to Marker 20. It was the Bawdy Buccaneers, Klaus, 1stMateMatt, Caribbean Pearl, Keith and Cindy Iritsky, Joe and I initally and more and more people kept coming to join us. We just kept adding tables.

Since people kept joining us at regular intervals, there was always food coming out, and always somebody waiting for food. Those of us that had been there first were enjoying drinks and the good company and suddenly the music began. We started singing typical shanties at the table and soon had patrons from the restaurant coming over to talk to us. Here’s a little chunk of the Mingulay Boat Song

Next it became an interactive experience. Joe jumped up and taught them the words and moves for the King of Cannibal Island to a couple of the restaurant patrons who said they wanted to do something with us and Gary of the Bawdy Buccaneers started singing.  And since this is an embarrassing interactive song I of course videoed it!

Everybody was pretty wiped that evening. There were lots of goodbyes and I got a chance to see Captain Pern’s boat as we chatted with him about the event, a beautiful vessel she is. Next, checked in with Mama and Papa Ratzi, Capt Sterling, the snotties, Lily, Klaus, Pearl, Matt and anyone else I could see to say farewell to and then we all went to bed.

The alarm went off at 5:45 and by 6:15 CJ, Joe and I were on our way home. There was, surprisingly, no fishy smell in the car and we had an enjoyable ride, singing more sea shanties as we went.

There are so many more things to say but I think three blogs is where I have to draw the line. Thank you so much to Blackbeard’s Crew and Colonial Seaport Foundation for making me a part of your family. Sign me up for next year. I’m ready to come back!

And with that, a slideshow that Capt Willoughby Caught put together that proves I can dance, kind of…. (the dancing is at the end, but watch the whole thing, there are great pics!!)

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  1. fabulous!!! I was a Blog virgin until now!! (Mr Gates invented this thang after I graduated hi school!)
    YOU ROCK! It was so cool to get to know you –and Joe . we’ve got to get with everyone again-again,again~~ I’m a gutton~~


  2. Looks like an amazing time!
    glad that the weather agreed with you…Glad
    to hear it was a great success! You looked
    Wonderful as always, Diosa!

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