Blackbeard Pirate Fest 2013 Pt 2

Sunday was a short day of festival, but was full of awesome experiences for me.

First thing in the morning I heard Grace’s voice in the hallway and thought ‘how perfect!  She can tie me into my stays.’ So I opened the door only to be told to grab my room key and come down to breakfast in my chemise and skirt.

During breakfast I got a visit from The Bawdy Buccaneers, Cindy and Keith who chanted ‘Good Morning Baby Bear!!!’ in a cute little voice after finding out the night before that it was my pet name.

Aren’t they cute! 🙂

After breakfast I got dressed up, tied in and was off to the encampment…where the first of my awesome experiences was to happen…

Over by the Pirates of the Dark Rose encampment were the Brigands…. doing an impromptu jam session.

After listening for a little while I mentioned that I really wanted them to work on Dark Lady with me. Marley, Cannon and I had played around with the song a year or so ago at the Southern Pirate Fest while sitting around the fire.

Kevin started to play around with chords til we found one I could sing  with comfortably, and then as I sang they figured out the  chord progression…. and Kevin got so comfortable by 2:40 he made beautiful music that stopped me from singing and got me drooling… and THANKFULLY I thought to hit the record feature on my phone and have the audio. Enjoy!

We must do it again! Magical…those gents are simply magical!!

Speaking of The Brigands…. Fayma and I wanted them to do a couple songs on stage, and they did in the afternoon set… so, before I move on… For Fayma, I deliver Guns of Hampton…. Part 1….

What song did I want? You’ll have to wait until tomorrow’s blog to find out….

And with that… we move on…. to the reason they wrote the above song. One thing that struck me on Saturday morning was how cool it was to have well over a dozen guns fire off in succession to kick off the festival. I was on stage then and could not be over by the  cannon battery.  But Sunday was a different story. Now this is not the full battery…. but I got a clip of some of it….  including Chrispy and his Cannibus..

And then I got the honor of being on the firing line with the Pirates of the Dark Rose. This is Leapin Louis and I

Now, I know, lots of people have done this…. but usually at pirate festivals I am the loudmouth doing battle commentary so I don’t get to take part in the official cannon line in battle. So, here’s a little look at Louis and I in action!

Love it!!

I also have to share a picture I’m proud of…. I caught a shot of Fenris firing El Jefe.

Is that an awesome shot or what?????

Ok, so do you know what happens the first time you fire on the firing line? You get inducted into the Order of Saint Barbara.

A few notes here. I had been told that women had the option of getting the sponge to the chest or face…. I chose chest… that way no messy face, right? But I failed to consider it was the Viceroy in charge here….and  he decided I needed Cannon sludge from head to toe!

The cold, gritty water  ran all the way down my top and inside my stays. There were lines of black all down my chemise at the end of the day (and they look kind of cool!)

Twas an honor to be joined to such a distinguished group!! And to make it better, I was inducted with Stumbles who had his first firing line experience too!

It was like a fantastic family affair! Couldn’t think of a better pirate to be alongside for the honor!!

Out On the Water

Later on in the day I got to hop aboard the Jolly Boat with the Vigilant Crew to take her back to the boat ramp.

It was a nice little trip, with singing all the way… and it reinforced my thought that I MUST hang out with you Vigilant folk more this year!!! I have been trying to take Duncan MacGyver up on his kind invitations,  but fate has had been getting in the way for the past year…

I also got the experience of being press ganged by the Archangel Crewe! All weekend Capt Sterling would see me and give me a disapproving look. It didn’t matter what I was doing. I was going to get that disapproving look. Well Sunday afternoon I was out on the field dancing to The Brigands when Sterling walked up and gave that same disapproving look and I made some sort of snide comment. Next thing I knew there were hands on me and I was being roped up!!

I made a couple runs for it… but they kept catching me. Then I asked for help. A group of kids gathered around and about 8 of them pulled on my arms while Sterling pulled on my belt to keep me on the line. Think of it as almost being drawn and quartered! drawn and 1/8thed since my legs weren’t being pulled.  One of the young girls was pulling so hard she ended up on the ground with both heels dug in trying to hold me in place.

Eventually I was sold off to one of the Devilmen and set free of the ropes.

And before I wrap up Sunday…. I need to mention there was a LOT of living history going on at the fest.  I only have a few pictures… as I was often dashing all over and didn’t get a lot of shots, but let me share the ones I have.

Well I’m not sure if this is real living history or not… but Dutch was a wandering shoe polisher… so who was I to say no?

And he didn’t discriminate… he polished pegs too!

And Props to the Vigilant Crew for their display that kept the kids attention….

And on the cool-o front… the guys that let you make your own rope…. Here’s a little video.

Sunday evening wrapped up with everyone packing up.

This is the depressing part of the event… when you realize its about time to go back to reality.  It took hours to pack up all the Blackbeard’s Crew stuff (Two big trailers a truck and more….they have a LOT of stuff). We took periodic breaks that included eating M&Ms, drinking lukewarm sprite and talking like a bunch of delirious pirates who had spent too much time in the sun and had gotten no sleep.  There was even a moment of me teaching Edward O’Keefe how to do the dollar song dance… Oh my…. everyone should be thankful there are no pictures. But he gets props for at least trying, as the other guys didn’t have the guts to do it. (Yeah TuTu, that means you!)

After it was all packed up, I went  back to my hotel room to get a shower and clean up…and there, sitting against the wall with a luggage rack full of stuff was Caribbean Pearl. She had told me she needed a place to stay earlier in the day and I invited her to my room, but she never checked back by and I thought she had found somewhere else. She had been sitting waiting for me for about 30 minutes.

After I got a shower, she and I went through pictures and videos of our weekend for about an hour and a half. By then I was nearly comatose and had to pass out.

This is my funny final anecdote for today.  I had a room with a king-sized bed. So, yes, Pearl and I shared a bed for all of you that are enjoying that concept. And oh how many men are jealous of me right now for sharing a bed with Pearl!

But let me tell you how I woke up – curled up on the far edge of the bed with Pearl sprawled across this massive bed darn near pushing me out of it. For a little bitty thing, she can sure take up a lot of space!!!!

Alright…. while this may have wrapped up the festival, this is NOT the end of my blogging on Blackbeard’s Fest. There are a couple things I held out for a special Blackbeard blog tomorrow that will make some of you a little goose bumpy, proud, and wanting to give a big ‘ol hug to your pirate family!  Here is a link to part 3