Cannon Time! Blackbeard Tricentennial in Bath, NC

We spent last weekend in Bath, North Carolina, the home of Blackbeard, for the Blackbeard Tricentennial.   It has been 300 years since he last walked these streets.

I will be adding a number of posts as time allows to cover everything we saw and did at this historic event. Some events were things that will never be seen again and were truly fascinating, and I believe changed the way we have viewed the history of Blackbeard for the past 300 years!!

However, we’re still recovering from it all, so today I will begin with a short, but fun,  post showing the cannon fire from the weekend.

Captain Crudbeard (Tomm Tommlinson) brought El Jefe, a Spanish 6-pound bronze cannon, and  Louie, a French 4-pound bronze cannon, to Bath. Both guns were made by Lawrence Campbell of Campbell Cannon and Carriage Works.

As far as we know, this is the first time any of these style cannon have fired in Bath since the days of Blackbeard himself!

So, for your viewing enjoyment, I give you four firings of the big guns!

The El Jefe Opening Fire –

Jefe Opening 1

And the video –

Louie Firing –

Louie 1

Grace Firing Jefe  – I don’t think I have seen a happier woman firing a cannon. Check out her face in the second picture and make sure to watch the video to hear her cheering after the firing!!

Jefe Grace Fire 1

Jefe Grace 5

Jefe Grace 6

The Closing Shot – By Jimmy Persinger

Jefe Jimmy 2 Jefe Jimmy 3


In the final firing of the day Braze was on the cannon crew. While he has been a member of the pirate community for a couple of decades, this was the first time he had been on a cannon line. That means he had the honor of being inducted into the Order of Saint Barbara.

The order of Saint Barbara is an honor society for artillerymen. Saint Barbara is the patron saint of artillerymen.  The Viceroy presided over the ceremony, which seemed to be of much worry to Braze. If you have been in the pirate community for long, you will know they are never on the same side of the battlefield.

I call this picture the “You’re going to do what???” picture


The “Can one of you bail me out of this?” picture




Note how smug The Viceroy is in these images….

IMG_5565  IMG_5569

Welcome to the the Order, Braze!!!!


Want to see the big guns fire in person? Come to Ocracoke this weekend for the Blackbeard Pirate Jamboree.


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