Fort Taylor and PIP Part 3

Saturday morning found me at the camp pretty early to see what was happening and to find out what would be going in the battle I was commentating later in the afternoon.

There are a lot of things that go on early in the morning…. Of course among them is people are getting ready for the day. One of my favorite moments was seeing Buxom Anne Marie getting ready in her tent with DB Couper being a good mirror….

ok maybe not good… but being a mirror….

Then those who wanted to shoot would assemble inside the casement and get to cartridge rolling.

At 10:30 that morning I was off to the PIP side of things for the Trial of Anne Bonny and Mary Read.

Joe volunteered to be my guard this year. It seems I have a tough time keeping a guard on duty. I beat them up and they never come back 🙁 But Joe was pretty good and able to hold me….

Ok, maybe I did not play as hard as usual. That could have had something to do with him saying ‘You go ahead and make it as real as you want, and I can too… maybe I will leg sweep and drop you and drag you by your chains’. Knowing enough about his ‘security’ past to know he could actually do that I thought perhaps I should not push him to see if he was serious about it. While I may be rough and tumble I do have a survival instinct 🙂

The trial went well.

Bawdy Be and I were in our roles of Anne & Mary. Admiral Finbar was the main judge and of course there were Braze, Dutch and Cascabel testifying and Wendy took on the role of Dorothy Thomas.

A fun note from the trail, from my standpoint. Gareth was the baliff and I love seeing him in this role…. he’s got a great presence, and it doesn’t hurt he has the British thing down (coming from the other side of the pond) and I told him I thought the pompus was typecasting as well… This year he had a little more fun with it, as the death sentence for us was coming down, he was across the stage from me making gestures of a person being hanged and it took some work to keep from laughing. Anyone else doing it would likely not have phased me. But he looks so official up there and to see him making the faces was hilarious!

And as always, Don Maitz was there doing portraits as the trial was going on… here’s a peek at mine… more on that in a later blog…

After the trial I had very little time before I had to head back to the fort so Joe and I could do our show of Life on a Pirate Ship.  But I had to make a quick stop. Bawdy Be and Barnacle Beau were singing and playing near the entrance, and I love to hear them. Here’s a little clip and notice No Rum Charlie helping in the background!!

I also was in place to catch the Red Coats heading into the field, led by Gareth, to prepare their cannons for firing….

Our show went well. We had a full tent audience and frankly the hardest part was to not ramble as I am want to do. Its easy to ramble when you’re talking about puking pigs, poop and pee on the deck of a ship… yeah.. you had to be there…. Anyways, we had 30 minutes… and 30 minutes only. We then had to get everyone up on the fort wall to watch the battle and it was not going to wait on our account, so I was really careful to watch the clock.

Due to the kindness of a pirate whose name escapes me right now, I have a few pictures of us doing the show. He was kind enough to take a few for me. and Maria De Los Angeles took a couple as well.

It was then up to the battle wall with the crowd to have them follow the battle.  The pirates won this time and there was much rejoicing. There are a lot of pictures out there and more to come, but I am going to share a few of my favorite moments from the wall. We had one young lad who wanted to see the red coats all die. He was yelling angrily at the pirates to do more to kill them off. I did not know a 7-year-old could have veins popping out of his forehead like that, but he wanted a pirate victory. At one point I said I believed he may have been playing a little too much Call of Duty and battle is a little different here….

My other moment relates to Shay and her post kill actions. When she killed Dead Eye she went for the boots. But they would not come off easily. She dragged that body all over the place trying to pry the boots off and the audience loved it.

They watched her thrash his body about until she got the first boot, then pulled off her shoe and put the boot on and they cheered her on as she finished taking the set! I just have to wonder about poor Dead Eyes head. It could not have felt good being dragged across that coral road!

The pirates had won this round and brought their prisoners inside the fort. They decided not to kill them, but there was a little humiliation. Everyone wants to see the viceroy humiliated, as well as a raising of the pirate flag at the fort, to much rejoicing!

Since I had responsibilities at both PIP and Fort Taylor, it was time to dash back over to the Truman waterfront where PIP was and check in with some folks and of course do a little more socializing!

I stopped by the booth where Robin St Graves was selling. If you have never checked out his wares, get to it! He has beautiful cast pieces – everything from jewelry to buckles to knives, etc etc etc… and all fantastic. I have a number of his pieces in my collection.

Spike el Pirata was also there, running around with his cat-o-nine-tails. He was flogging everyone and mentioned I had not been flogged. I was alright with that, but he said I had to be flogged… but never fear it wouldn’t hurt. Yeah, right….. I didn’t believe him. But he was right and I do not think there is any photographic evidence, so I think I have lived to tell the tale and not have it published everywhere 🙂

It’s an ongoing theme for me in Key West to see people and say hi, but never really get to talk to them. In the past Captain Black was this person. I would see him year after year in Key West and we would wave and said ‘hi’ in passing, but never talk. This year since I moved to New Jersey I was actually able to talk to him at a festival there, which was a good thing, because once again this year in Key West we were in different places all the time and other than quick ‘hi’ and a hug I don’t think I ever traded more than 10 words with the man.

But there were some people I got to talk to this year that I had not in the past. I had a chance to chat with Angelina Morgan over on the PIP side… this was no easy feat. Angelina and Reuben Morgan were single-handedly making sure all the stage shows were up and sounded great at PIP event. No matter what time of day you were there and they were making the sound happen. Forget 5-hour energy drinks, I think they were taking some sort of 24 hour energy drinks!  I was able to chat with Angelina for a few minutes on Saturday. Believe it or not, she found about 2.5 minutes where she could sit down and not be pulled to do something, and while she looked exhausted, she also had a great smile that was a joy to be around!

By the way…. I believe she lost a few things in all the chaos of working the event. Her long sword and wobble bottle are both missing…  so look through your stuff and see if they got tumbled in and let her know!

Saturday night I was starting to feel ill… my sinuses were acting up.  I am prone to sinus infections, but had hoped to avoid one…. well I heard that I was not alone… many people who had gone out on the water Friday were being attacked in their sinuses. I hear there was a red tide or other similar algae bloom on the water that was starting to cause problems, so I went to take an afternoon nap, which turned into a 5 hour one. At 11 at night, with Keith, Lily and I in the condo, Joe whipped up some gnocchi and vodka sauce with cheese and salami. It was very yummy, filling and after dinner I took a couple shots of nyquil and that was pretty much it until the morning…

Stay tuned for part 4 tomorrow…

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  1. I like the photo of Robin and I. We were discussing castings, ropework and crafts in general. I met Robin and Spike last year but got to know them this year. I am quite glad of it, too. These are two fine fellows and i hope to see them sooner than next PiP!
    Michelle, I thouroughly enjoy your blog and look forward to each installment. Thank you for your efforts in putting out this concise account!

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