Green Turtle Cay Island Roots Heritage Festival pt 3

This is a very photo and video heavy post. Consider yourself warned.

Saturday morning started the same as Friday morning. I woke up before the sun and was ready to hit the beach for a walk as soon as there was light. Of course, I took a few more beautiful photos to share. If you’re saying ‘ enough rubbing it in already’, you haven’t seen anything yet. Just wait until tomorrow.




After a two hour beach walk it was once again time to get geared up and head out to the festival site.

My adorable picture of the morning is this little gentleman with his Coca Cola can plane. He’s truly adorable!


Saturday morning saw a performance by the Tiny Turtles, the adorable Green Turtle preschoolers. Here’s a bit of it.

Then it was game time again! First up was sack races for the kids….

Tuppy Weatherford2

(photo by Tuppy Weatherford)

and the adults….

By the way, there was one moment where you may not have been able to hear Grace. She was giving rules such as ‘No hip checking!’ and when she got to the ‘No Hair Pulling!’, the guy in the yellow shirt took his cap off and yelled said ‘No problem!’


Next was the scavenger hunt. It’s not the kind of scavenger hunt we typically see in the U.S..  There are a number of chairs set out in the field, with one more person than chairs.  Shelly, the MC of the event, tells the players to go find something. In this picture they were told to go find a ‘woman’s purse’


Everyone took off running into the audience to get one and get back to a chair. The last person back is out. Another chair is removed and the play continues until there is only one person left.

This is one of the most fun games to play because the audience gets into it as well. At one point I had a man sit next to me in the front row with a handful of things he thought they may ask for – a $100 dollar bill, a watch, a shoe, a sock, a cap, sunglasses, etc. He was ready to help!

BY FAR the best moment in the game was the one in the video below. Shelly had told the players to find a man’s belt. This woman found a belt, it wouldn’t come off, so she brought him back with her. That’s when Grace jumped in, yelled ‘pirate’ and stole him, and chaos ensued…

We also played Musical Chairs which… well can get quite rough….

And notice how Grace uses her butt and legs to keep her chair…

Ultimately the lady in the green shirt won, and she deserved it as she had been beaten and battered through the game and probably woke up with a lot of bruises to match her blue ribbon!

Next Grace and I pulled out a rope to set up tug of war, but before we could even try to lay it out, some kids wanted to jump, so we tried to do a little jump roping competition.

Tuppy Weatherford3

(photo by Tuppy Weatherford)

But eventually we did get into tug of war.

Tuppy Weatherford4

(photo by Tuppy Weatherford)

Unfortunately my team lost.

By this time we were ready for a break, and got it. It was time for Tanisha Charlton’s speech on culture and tourism.


One thing she mentioned was how small the farming industry has become in the Bahamas. They used to grow much more than they do these days. They’re down to about 1% of their land used for agriculture purposes, so pretty much all of their food is imported and they rely financially almost 100% on the tourism industry, especially from the U.S. About 80 percent of their tourists come from the US. That reliance on tourism to support them makes me scared for the islands.

Later in the afternoon there was a second plaiting of the maypole, but in addition to the current students, some of the previous students jumped in to see if they remembered how to do it! They did!


The next thing I snapped pictures of is one of my favorite parts of the event -JUNKANOO!

The Green Turtle Cay Slammers took to the field making music.



There were even some little rushers


And some who were getting a taste of what it feels like to bang on the big drums.



And without further adieu, here’s the sound of Junkanoo!

I’m always amazed at the determination to keep playing through the blood. Notice the back drum? The beat goes on.


And as I have said many times – if you hear Junkanoo and aren’t moving, you’re probably dead. Even this lovely lady got up from the booth where she was working to do a little dancing.


After Junkanoo we got ready for the kids again. Grace and I set up a play area while a Bahamian Political Satire comedy was taking over the main stage.

It was supposed to be a two hour show, but about 45-50 minutes into it an ugly cloud started quickly moving towards the festival site. After last year’s waterspout that came ashore, a lot of folks weren’t taking any chances and headed home , just in case.  Grace and I ran around helping vendors get things put away so they wouldn’t get blown away or drenched. And since Grace seems to be the tornado magnet, many people asked her if the storm was her doing. She swore it wasn’t her fault.

For us, this was pretty much the end of the day. While the show did continue later on, we ordered a late dinner to go from Harvey’s, and after eating it at the back of the festival site, headed back to the house and turned in for the night.

Coming tomorrow… a day to run around the island…


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