Monday Memory – Bragging About BKS – Baltimore Knife & Sword

So, I was going through pictures on my computer, and happened upon one from this day back in 2013. It brought a thought to mind of how fantastic it is to see my friends ‘taking over the world’. In this case, I’m referring to brothers Matt and Kerry Stagmer, owners of  Baltimore Knife & Sword.

I’ve known Matt (aka First Mate Matt) since the early 2000s.  We’ve worked many of the same pirate festivals up and down the east coast for what seems like forever.

I’ve done articles on him, shared a lot of laughs, and while we are both usually pulled in various directions at events, every now and then, we have time to pose for a picture together.  I think this picture is from 2014, and is the most recent I have with both of us in it.


Then there was the  picture taken 5 years ago today.  It’s when I met Kerry. I was on the road from DC to New Jersey and stopped by the shop to say ‘hi’.


with Kerry Stagmer, Baltimore Knife & Sword

While he was bogged down in work, he still found some time to stop and chat, and snap a picture.

And, of course, I have a BKS piece in my collection.  This sword was made and donated for Fort Taylor Pirate Invasion’s 10th Anniversary auction.  I outbid and, perhaps, out-threatened everyone to make sure it came home with me.


So, where am I going with this rambling?

Over the past few years, I have been thoroughly enjoying watching them take over their world!

While they’ve been making amazing weaponry for decades, the world outside of the Renn Fest and Pirate circles is now also seeing exactly what they can do.

A few years back, they became the focus of an internet based reality show, Man At Arms : Reforged.

Haven’t seen it? Get going!

2 years years ago, they were signed on to make Man At Arms: Art of War   for El Rey Network.  Season 1 has already aired. Season 2 just wrapped up filming.

Most episodes are getting a million or more views, they’re doing convention circuits, and it looks like they are having a blast taking it all on!

Don’t you love when great things happen to great people?  It does my heart good to see  marvelous things coming their way!

Congratulations on everything Matt & Kerry!

Oh, and follow them on Facebook!  Baltimore Knife & Sword Facebook Page

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