Pirates Other Salty Ball Pt 2

Once the Brigands took the stage it was quickly noted there was not enough dance floor.

Photo by Lori Galloway

The dance floor was small to start, but then a crowd formed on 1/2 of what was the dance floor to be closer to the band and those of us who decided to brave dancing were quite cozy. But Pearl was there and was an awesome dance buddy so there was much fun had!

I don’t have a lot of pictures or videos of The Brigands because I was dancing a lot. I blame them for this affliction. I never used to dance at events… but there is something Pied Piper like about them that makes the childish dancer in me hit the floor. Damn them! Now I get out and play and dance and have much more fun! 🙂

I do have one piece of dance video. This I title ‘It’s all fun and games until Felicity realizes she’s on video’. Watch to the end, you’ll understand. I did think it cute, though, to catch mom and son (Felicity & Sweet) both on the dance floor!

By the way you may have noticed an ‘extra’ Brigand! Cannibal Chrispy was playing with them all night and was fabulous! That man has more energy than….heck, I don’t know what to compare him to, he is just awesome and was a joy to watch up there hopping all over and adding another layer to the music! Go Chrispy!!

One of my banner moments for the evening was making Kevin mess up while playing, something I hear others tried, but couldn’t do.  Bloodthirsty was teaching me a few step dancing moves during a song. While we were staying in place I was fine. Then she had me move forward while doing steps. No problem. Then she said ‘now do it backwards’.

Ever have one of those moments where your brain hears words but just can’t figure out what they mean? I must have had a complete deer in the headlights look, Kevin saw it and just started laughing, later telling me that was the funniest thing he’d seen… Yeah… thanks…

A couple items of note during the musical breaks – Lady Redy asked the New England Pirate King Lord Rhuff to marry her!

Photo by Lori Galloway

He said Yes! and there was much rejoicing!

There was also something I had never seen before… Klaus got Wenched…. Don’t know what that is? Never fear, I have a video…

Then the Brigands were back up for more music and at one point, the Marley groupies all crowded about him…

Photo By Lori Galloway

You know all those poor, pathetic, screaming, swooning girls…. sad, little… oh wait… I’m in that picture, aren’t I? …. hmm…. I mean, look at all those women who truly understand a talented musician and would like to express their appreciation of his art by……umm… swooning and screaming? No? Not going for that?  Yeah, alright, you caught me. He’s cute. What can I say?

Before the evening was over, there was an ‘all sing’ to one we all know…..

It truly was a fantastic time! My feet were killing me from all the dancing in heels, but totally worth it!

Then the midnight hour came around and we had to wrap it up… at least downstairs… there were a few final songs…. and pictures.

Photo by Cindi Iritsky

Oh what a lucky girl am I!!  Except, here’s what you don’t see.  I am balancing on Cannon’s knee. I was terrified I was about to crush him. He’s a smaller guy and I’m…well…. I’m an Amazon. So I was trying to balance my weight on one heel and was not doing a great job. Then, the guys pulled me back into them in the moments after this shot and I felt like I was going to fall. Not a lot of people know this about me… but one of my fears is falling. HORRIBLE fear of falling… so Pearl got a 1/2 panicked look as I was afraid I was going to hit the ground! I’ll add that to the blog when she is able to upload it…and no, that piece of knowledge is NOT an invite to try and make me fall on a regular basis!

Now, before I wrap up for today, I must ask one question…. Who the hell were these guys?

They showed up towards the end of the evening.. one wearing the afro over his hoodie… another wearing what looked like a bathmat…. Now, I am not one to say someone ‘looks odd’. After all, I dress in a costume regularly… but they didn’t fit in….. Hawkyns and I looked at them for a little while… confused… and then I just went back to dancing…but didn’t know if anyone else knew where they came from.

Tomorrow – I’ll take you to the After Party!

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