Southern Pirate Festival Part 2

Day 2 in Columbus was the first day of the festival. We all arrived around 9 and started setting up. Joe and I were taking over a couple tables and doing living history presentations all day.

From pottery and glass to period games,

 clothes, weapons

(Take note of the grenado launcher there … the BIG bulky thing Joe is holding… it will come into play later)


and other items.  We tried to give people a hands-on way to learn about history. My shackles got a lot of attention and turned into a challenge. The guys who were volunteering at the museum…. you know, those invincible 17 & 18 year olds….  all kept saying ‘Oh, those aren’t heavy.’ So, I told the first one to hold his arms out and wear the shackles, arms up, for 10 minutes and tell me the same thing…

After 2 minutes Chris told me I needed to have picked someone less fit… he could stand there all day… blah blah….  more trash talking. I then told him he had only been there 2 minutes and he quieted down for a few.

At four minutes looked at him and said ‘Oh, you’re left handed?’. He asked how I knew and I told him his right arm was starting to tremble. By 6 minutes both arms were trembling, he dropped them and  was a little more humble.

Then another volunteer came over. Coy was picking on Chris for only making it 6 minutes… No picking without proving yourself…..

Coy only made it 4….

Then Alexander came up and made it 8 minutes.


He held the record for the weekend…

I also knew there were lots of kids, so I had some pencils and parchment on hand for them to create their own wanted posters of any pirate they wanted… and they did. Joe got the first once from Raese, who was just adorable and signed it 2 or 3 times!

Jonathan drew me, but put a lot more weapons on me than I was carrying. I suppose he wanted me to look threatening for a wanted poster.

And when Shipwreck was over our way, he became a poster by Tabitha.

I also did a presentation on the life of Mary Read in the afternoon, powered by Laura’s turkey soup and bread. I am going to take a little side jaunt here to talk about her. This woman bakes bread!! No really!! Loaves and loaves and loaves, all different flavors, and all yummy! Here’s my first look at all the options!

I went with strawberry cream cheese and it was awesome!!

She also made Turkey Stew for lunch. So while we had tickets for lunch on site, I just traded mine for drinks at the concession stand and enjoyed the great home cooking from her camp fire!

And then there was the treasure hunt! The treasure hunt put on by the Cursed Few,  Cutthroat Titans and Pirates of the White Sands is one of the best I have ever seen. I marveled watching it last year, and again this year.  Once they have the map, the whole crowd follows a pirate counting paces all over the place.

Eventually they find the X…and in true pirate fashion start digging!

They also have a rig they set up that once they get to the buried chest, they can hook up to it…


then line the kids up and let them hoist the treasure out of the hole!

Then it’s time to Divy it up… but I think Bloody Sam took the best booty for himself….

Another one of those side notes – On Saturday I found out that I have lost some weight since the last time I wore my Mary outfit – Yippee!!! But that also made my belt loose….  I was told there was a leather craftsman on site that could fix it – and there was – Santa!!!!

That evening after the festival ended we all got together beside the camp fire. Note I said beside… the camp fire is actually about 10 feet from where we were all sitting… I am not sure why that happened that way and as the evening went on it was cold, but we never seemed to move our backsides over to the heat…

There was great conversation and then I started talking to Marley and Cannon (of The Brigands) about the song Dark Lady that I wanted accompaniment to. After a whole three minutes of listening my version of it, they had sorted out how to play it and were ready to go. Gotta love those guys!!! Here’s a clip with no rehearsal around the camp fire! Now, if you know the song, you will hear me mess up a line at the end of the verse. And you may even be able to hear me with a huge ‘don’t make me laugh’ smile as Cannon looks at me and shakes his head cause he knows I screwed it up… It ended up being the line so nice I used it twice… in the next verse, where it belonged….

They also played some fun songs… a little Drunken pirate perhaps?

And just for Joe… The theme from the Godfather

Then it was show time… and by that I mean Joe pulled out the toys he had brought. It seems he decided to promote himself to pirate king… and he had the fire stick to back it up!

but more impressive was the grenado launcher. He fired it once and then asked anyone if they wanted to try. Charlie lit up and we got him to say, in a slightly crazy Animal-from-The-Muppets kind of way, ‘Charlie want to make boom!!!’ and he did… Here’s a clip.

Flaming torches… grenado launchers… that pretty much made for the cap of an evening and we all turned in… after all… Sunday was still waiting for us….. Part 3 tomorrow….


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  1. Great write up, and firing the grenado launcher was cool.. And for anyone trying to find information on one they should try looking up “Hand Mortar”, or “Cohorn”.

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